“Crossfit Otoyo Strength” Crowdfunding Launch


"CrossFit Otoyo Strength" operated by VP Advisors K.K. launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the retreat facility’s efforts to revitalise Otoyo, Kochi Prefecture. Our initial grand opening date of June 2022 was pushed back by two months due to the covid pandemic, causing construction cost hikes.

For these reasons, we launched a crowdfunding account with the hope of generating the funds for our marketing efforts. Funds raised through this campaign will be used towards creating our fitness retreat website. We are accepting your donations from 14th Feb 2022 until 26th March 2022. As a show of appreciation, we have set various gifts such as discount coupons for the CrossFit gym and the tiny house, T-shirts, and others. We will email you a newsletter with updates on the progress of the construction. In addition, there will be a limited online VIP tour (scheduled for June) for those who donate 200,000 yen or more.

Please https://bit.ly/3uvzxjwclick the link to support us.