Guest Speaker at Cosmo Energy Holdings’ Internationalization Forum

Violet Pacileo of VP Advisors K.K. (left), Ms. Noriko Rzonca, Chief Digital Officer of Cosmo Energy Holdings (middle), Ms Ruth Marie Jarman, CEO of Jarman International K.K. (right)

VP Advisors K.K. were recently invited to speak about the ability to respond to change at an in-house training session for Cosmo Energy Holdings Corporation (5021 TYO). We discussed what “normality” meant to each of us, how to tackle new challenges in a world undergoing drastic change, how to drive change while keeping motivated. By celebrating each of our uniqueness, not placing self-limitations or be influenced by assumptions, we can all excel and embrace diversity. Unconscious bias exists in everyone and is faced in everyday situations. In our modern society, diverse thinking and diverse experiences are key to all types of growth. We must always challenge the “norm” and create an inclusive world where each one of us are allowed to grow and excel. 

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