IKIGAI podcast with executive coach Jennifer Shinkai


A conversation with Tokyo based, British born facilitator and coach, Jennifer Shinkai to discuss finding and integrating your ikigai.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What drove Violet to create a dream life and career for herself in finance that didn’t make her happy
  • Her experience during an ikigai workshop with Jennifer that helped her to make a huge change in her life 
  • The benefits of speaking about your ikigai with someone who isn’t invested in the outcome or in a group setting
  • What happened when she landed in rural Kochi with her international mindset and some of the surprising opportunities that came her way
  • Why networks are so important in Japan and how Violet built a new one at lightning speed in a traditional rural area.

"Leaving glamour, gaining health through your Ikigai with Violet Pacileo"