Leave Tokyo & Save the Countryside | Japanese Regional Revitalization Experiment by “ONLY in JAPAN” YouTuber John Daub


VP Advisors K.K. CEO, Violet Pacileo, was recently interviewed by John Daub on his Youtube channel “ONLY in JAPAN.” She talks about the issues facing the town of Otoyo, reasons for leaving the city life behind, and why she moved her company VP Advisors to Kochi prefecture.


The Youtube series “ONLY in JAPAN” introduces various Japan-related topics from food adventures and tech to history and culture. John Daub is the creator and producer of the channel and has built a community of more than 1.7 million viewers (subscribers) around the world. John moved to Japan in 1998 and has lived in 16 different cities across the country. He visited all 47 prefectures during his hitchhiking journey from Wakkanai, Hokkaido, to Kagoshima in 2003. John is also a NHK World reporter (Tokyo Eye, Destination Kansai, Journeys in Japan) and a regular inbound news contributor on TBS Hiruobi.