Otoyo Fitness Retreat coming to Kochi Prefecture this summer


After two years of careful planning, the construction for Otoyo Fitness Retreat, which will house CrossFit Otoyo Strength, has begun with an opening date set for August 2022. First to affiliate on the island of Shikoku, CrossFit Otoyo Strength has been offering CrossFit classes to the local community since May 2021. Located in the centre of Shikoku island, which consists of four prefectures, the town of Otoyo is easily accessible from not only Kochi city but also from other prefectures including Ehime, Kagawa, and Tokushima. CrossFit Otoyo Strength has been providing CrossFit training to local residents and continues to promote the well-being of people across all age groups. The fitness retreat is designed by Ms. Naoko Yamamoto from Hijiri Architecture Laboratory, a local architecture firm located in Tosa-Yamada, Kochi.  

The facility will house a riverside outdoor BBQ rental space, tiny house accommodation, campsite, event space, SUP and e-Bike rentals and more. The fitness retreat will be the perfect location to come and unplug from the busy city lifestyles, a centrally located base to explore the Shikoku island while staying fit and active, and offer an active alternative to anyone looking to explore the Japanese countryside by immersing themselves in Otoyo’s beautiful nature.  

CrossFit Otoyo Strength has been sharing behind-the-scenes construction progress on CrossFit Otoyo's Instagram page. Please follow & support us!

Otoyo CrossFit Retreat 
317 Higashidoi, Otoyo-cho, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi.

Car: from Kochi Expressway Otoyo IC, 15 mins via Route 32.
from Tokushima Expressway Ikawaikeda IC, 45 mins via Route 192 and Route 32.
Train: we are located 3 mins walk from JR Toyonaga station.

6 parking lots available

About 1,500m² (CrossFit warehouse 270m², changing and shower facility 37m², tiny house rental 27m² (the entire building), riverside BBQ terrace rental 40m², and campsite with a firepit)