SDGs Work-Life Balance Seminar


VP Advisors K.K. was invited to present at MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (8725 JP)’s SDGs themed staff training seminar on Work-Life Balance.  

With the spread of the coronavirus, causing a global shift in working away from the office, we spoke about the importance of balancing work productivity versus the mental health of employees. Flexible working styles are becoming more and more popular over the years but are workers and organisations keeping up with the increased demands of adapting to the changing environment? New work policies to protect both the company and staff are needed to ensure a successful work-life balance initiative.

More about MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (8725 JP) 

MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. is a world-leading insurance and financial group operating globally.  The new group was formed in April 2010 through the merger of Aioi Insurance Co., Ltd., Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co., Ltd., and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group. 

VP Advisors K.K.

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