If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, I can talk about a wide variety of topics including:

  • Capital raising
  • Government subsidies
  • Entrepreneurship; how to start a business in Japan and how to run it profitably
  • Doing business in Japan; cities & rural Japan
  • Starting a company in Japan
  • Cross cultural business practices 
  • Rural revitalization in Japan
  • Life in rural Japan
  • Career transition – from the stock market to the mountains "LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE"
  • ESG from an investor's perspective, the history of ESG
  • United Nation’s SDGs
  • Basics of Japanese stock market
  • What foreign investors are looking for in Japanese listed companies
  • How big data is used to analyse markets and companies
  • Women’s empowerment, gender equality in Japan
  • Work-life balance reform in Japan
  • Unconscious bias
  • Raising bi-cultural and bi-lingual children
  • How to live with a stay-at-home-Dad

Past events include:

  • SDGs themed work-life balance speaker for MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings
  • Fundraising and government subsidies speaker for For Empowering Women Japan (FEW Japan)
  • Diversity event for Women in Finance, Tokyo 
  • Rural revitalisation for Otoyo Town Hall
  • Start-up event speaker for Kochi Prefecture
  • Various podcasts on revitalising the Japanese countryside
  • Various YouTube programs on revitalising the Japanese countryside
  • NHK World, rural revitalisation TV shows
  • and more..


Violet is a seasoned finance professional with over 15+ yrs working in Tokyo, London and LA for Japanese and international investment banks and asset managers. Her background is in Japanese equities where she spent her time selling Japanese stocks to institutional investors, researching and analyzing Japanese listed companies, introducing Japanese companies to foreign institutional investors, advising Japanese companies on their institutional investor strategies including ESG and corporate governance strategies and most recently consulted for a HK based hedge fund. She relocated to the countryside in Kochi in Aug 2020 to promote economic development in the region. She is of mixed heritage, born in Tokyo and raised in both Japan and the UK, giving her the advantage of connecting with Japanese and English speakers on a native level. She has been a passionate advocate for women’s rights and has hosted many female networking and speaker events including for Women in Finance Tokyo. She is the host of NHK World's Otoyo: Bringing Fresh Life to a Traditional Community, and is scheduled to host more episodes along the theme of Genkai Shuraku ("Marginalised Village"). As part of her Otoyo revitalisation project, her company VP Advisors K.K. is building a riverside CrossFit retreat in the town, which is due to open in summer 2022.