Travel sustainably

Travel sustainably: eat local, reduce your carbon foot print.

Otoyo is the epitome of sustainable living. Locals have lived off the land, foraging for food and growing their own fruit and vegetables for centuries.

What visitors can do during their trip to Otoyo:

  • enjoy the nature: pristine rivers, clean air, forest bathing
  • eat local deer and boar meat: these animals are considered pests in Japan. They damage local farms and eat up the vegetables.
  • foraging tours - you can experience how the locals eat and live sustainably. 

Do all the above while reducing your carbon footprint.  It's a Win-Win.

Sustainable construction.

On the building side, CrossFit Otoyo Strength’s facility is built using locally sourced wood and recycled steel in order to keep construction materials as sustainable as possible. 

We focus on doing better with less and wasting less – “reduce, reuse, recycle”. We wanted to ensure a sustainable and efficient use of natural resources. 

For example, by choosing to use local wood, we reduced our carbon footprint caused by international transportation. And we proactively chose to use recycled steel to reduce the environmental damage caused by the production process of steel.